The Pet Friendly Home is an occasional series where we will show you our tips for how to make your home friendlier and safer for both pets and people with pets.

Comforters in our house take a beating. Our dogs often sleep on our bed. And while I’d rather them not play tug-of-war with their toys on the bed, it sometimes happens. As much as I discourage our lab James from grabbing a corner of the comforter with his mouth, it can happen quickly when he and Libby are playing.

Multiple tears appeared in our bedding. I tried microfiber comforters, which worked better than most. But after a while we started considering even those comforters to be disposable. Then I stumbled across the Dogproof comforter on Orvis.com.

It is pricey at $249 for a king size, and we wondered if it would live up to its promises of resisting dog claws. Customer reviews on Orvis.com gave overall great reviews on the comforter for its quality and ability to take a beating from large dogs. I decided to take a chance on the Dogproof since Orvis does guarantee their merchandise. We found that we could return it to our local store if the dogs managed to tear it. Orvis also offers free shipping if you order in-store.

The Orvis.com reviewers revealed that we would likely have to have the king-sized comforter dry cleaned because it is too large to fit in a standard washing machine. We have found this to be true. One day we hope to buy a larger front-loading machine that may be able to accommodate it, but until then we’ll be stuck with dry cleaning.

The top is made of soft, woven chenille, and the bottom is cotton. It is also water-resistant. We chose the Blue Mist, a nice muted blue with a hint of grey. Love this color!

After using this comforter constantly for the past few months, we liked it so much that we just bought a second comforter, in green. It’s supposed to be “fern green” but is actually a brighter yellowish green (almost chartreuse). At first I wasn’t sure I liked it, but it’s kind of fun to try out a new color. It gives a sort of 70’s retro vibe to the room. I pulled out a couple of our living room pillows for the photo:

The Dogproof comforters are the first comforters that our dogs have not managed to rip or tear, which we find…well, comforting. We also appreciate that it is truly a king-sized comforter, as many others run a bit too small. It is heavier than most comforters, but even hot-natured Eric finds it very cozy. Libby and James appreciate it too. Now that we’ve found a comforter that’s not disposable, we can start coming up with a more developed color scheme for the master bedroom. I’m thinking wild honey paint for the walls…

How do you make your home pet-friendly? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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4 Responses to “The DogProof Comforter: The Pet-Friendly Home, Part 1”

Christina Rutland February 7, 2016

We were disappointed with the first Orvis dog proof comforter in Fern– the corners did not hold up well in the front loader washer, and the two layers were not tacked anywhere to jeep them together. That one turned into a couch cover, The second one, in a brown, seems to be holding up better but it the layers still need needs tacking together. They my continue to try and improve it, so I am watching. One important note: It is NOT waterproof.

Aubrey August 4, 2015

Does it repel dog hair?? With 4 large dogs, one long hair, I can’t get the dog hair out of my comforters!! Even the denim one!! Drives me insane!!! I’ll gladly drop $275 if it dog hair doesn’t stick to it!!

SPark May 1, 2014

Just wondering how this coverlet has held up through the years? My 65lbs dog LOVES to nest… Which in turn has ruined many layers of bed sheets and blankets. An update would be much appreciated!

belledame October 1, 2011

glad you added the closeup photo. i thought it was green from the larger photo. i guess $250 is a worthwhile investment for something so durable.